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All About Rugs in New Zealand

Rugs are natural insulation and can cut down noise. You can also keep your room updated with the latest colors by using rugs. There are many densities available, ranging from 30 knots per in (very coarse) up to 290 knots/in (very fine). These decorative centerpieces can be used to set the tone and colors of your room. 

Machine-made rugs are more affordable and not long-term investments. Automated weaving looms are used to create woven rugs. Multiple colors of yarn are sewn together into a backing material. One of the oldest examples of area rugs is a 14th century synagogue prayer mat. You can buy premium quality rugs by Source Mondial.

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There are also evidence that an area rug industry thrived in Spain and the Middle East for many centuries before increasing trade with other nations created a worldwide demand for unique, beautiful rugs for home decoration. Larger rugs are used in the family room or dining room. Runner Rugs can be used in hallways, stairways, and doors.

Our hand-knotted and machine-made area rugs can transform any room. The focal point of your room's design is the area rug. Area rugs not only enhance the appearance of a space, but they also add color, texture, and shape to it. There are many sizes and shapes of area rugs, with the rectangle being the most popular. 

Protect your floors with area rugs. They can either retain heat or keep it warm. No matter where they are placed, area rugs can make a beautiful statement about beauty and artistry in a home. For a cozy feel, area rugs with dense or dark patterns are a good choice.