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All About Slot Symbols In Canada

Slot symbols make any slot game, land-based or online, a lot more entertaining and addicting. Symbols allow you to somehow miraculously get free spins, multiplied payouts, and more bonus features. The most common types of slot symbols include the wild, multiplier, scatter, and bonus symbols.

Believe it or not, video slots are being enjoyed by millions of players worldwide, but most don’t truly understand how slot icons and symbols work. You can also pop over to this site to know more about slot symbols.

Slots machine symbols are a pivotal part of online slots. Slot symbols determine the payouts table. Also, slots symbol designs contribute to the uniqueness of each slot game. The predetermined RTP (return to player) rate of a slot machine will orchestrate the symbols and the wins that will occur.

Slots come with a wide variety of symbols. Symbols are categorized into standard, scatter, bonus, and wild. These symbols are what bring the video slot alive. We are going to explore different slot symbol meaning and the importance of each type of symbol.

Wild – Broad category with different functions such as multipliers, substitute for a winning symbol, and more

Multiplier – Multiplies any payout for the active winning paylines the symbol is on

Scatter – Offer a winning payout whenever they appear (regardless of being on a pay-line or not)

Bonus –  Trigger a free bonus game or automatic spin

Standard – Regular symbols that must form a pay-table combination