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Carpet Runners In Australia – Flooring Benefits For Halls and Stairways

A carpet runner is a long, narrow strip used in narrow spaces such as hallways and stairs. They are often found in carpet form but are also available as pure carpet strips. For homes with long, thin corridors with parquet floors, carpets in this form are ideal for bringing much-needed warmth and style.

By using runners, the most frequently traveled sections of the floor can be covered at minimal cost, which increases comfort and instantly renovates the space. You can buy floor runners and rugs in Melbourne, Australia via Iconic Rugs to give a modern look to your home.

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Due to the mobile nature of runners, they are also easy to replace without disturbing the rest of the room.

Stair rugs are also available, they are similar to standard runners except that they do not have the mats used for normal floors. Stair rugs are often held in place with the help of stair posts, which can also add a touch of style.

Uncovered floors and stairs can be slippery or uneven; This can cause accidents in the house. Skids provide traction and help smooth out unevenness in hardwood floors and offer added safety. 

As a side note, it's always best to get a professional to install a stair carpet if you're not sure how to do it. Runners that are installed unevenly can cause tripping and are therefore very dangerous on stairs.

Infested carpets can be difficult to clean and expensive to replace. Using carpet in hallways and stairs can remove accidental spills or mud from pets (or kids!) quickly and inexpensively. 

In addition, if the carpet is damaged or worn out during use, the carpet can be easily replaced to avoid malfunctions. The fact that the carpet is worn also means it will protect the floor underneath.