Breaking the Silence of Sexual Violence Against Men

There is one ominous truth that remains unspoken, namely that men are raped more than we know or say. Statistics on sexual violence against men can vary, and due to poor coverage, it may not be possible to truly understand how many men are victims of sexual violence. 

The online show American Crime focuses on a compelling and powerful story that focuses on how young older men struggle to get ahead, along with the stigma and gender roles that keep many people from telling their stories and help them overcome their trauma. It is now really easy to get in touch with sex crime lawyer in Jacksonville via

Men are victims too: breaking the silence on male sexual assault - The Boar

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey showing that of more than 130 colleges and 5,000 students, one in 25 men answered “yes” to whether they were forced to have sex against their will. Studies by other organizations estimate that every sixth man is sexually abused before the age of 18. 

Men and boys who have been sexually abused often face unique challenges with their traumatic experiences. Older men who were sexually abused as boys or teenagers may react differently than men who were sexually abused as adults because of different gender-specific expectations and developments.

Boys are born with messages like “Be strong” or “Don’t be a donkey and cry!” In older men, the aftermath of sexual assault usually manifests in post-traumatic stress disorder, which leads to relationships that suffer from withdrawal and feelings of exclusion. One of the challenges is that men who are victims of fear of sexual violence are ridiculed or not taken seriously. 


Reason Why Product Packaging Is Important

Nowadays people are quickly shifting from miserable old packaging techniques to new deluxe packaging which is innovative and unique. Because they have realized the value of appropriate packaging.

Let’s take a snapshot of all the reasons one by one because we consider packaging as a significant factor in increasing sales of your products.

Proper packaging to create awareness of your customers:

The main reason for the deluxe packaging is that it conveys your brand message to the target audience and with the help of this you will create awareness about your brand in the minds of customers. Through printing your company name, brand, and logo. all this information will add to the value and quality of the product.

50 Creative Packaging Design Ideas

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Make your products stand out in the competition:

There are many brands on the market that are selling the same products, so as to make difference between their product and your product, it is essential for you to add something that is not added in their products and this will be possible if you pack your product in a trendier way. Therefore, you need the right packaging that makes your product stand out in the competition through the use of the deluxe packaging.

Influence buying behavior of customers:

Because all of us know the importance of the packaging that will greatly help in increasing the sales of your product because it will attract more customers through their interesting presentations and customers buying behavior will be affected due to this alluring packaging and they can stop themselves from buying your product.

You can see that packaging your product effectively is one of the most important things you can do to sell your products.