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Does NSF Certification Mean Good Quality?

Many people think that only products that are NSF certified have high quality, but is this really the case? While NSF certification may be a good indicator of quality, it's not the only factor. In fact, there are many lower-quality products that are also certified. Here are three tips:

  • Look for independent third-party verification. Many NSF-certified products are verified by an independent body such as the Sports Supplement Council (SSC), which is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Formula G

  • This means that the product has been tested and found to meet the required standards. If a product isn't independently verified, it's likely to be less reliable and of lesser quality.

  • While this may sound impressive, there's no proof to back up this claim. It's important to look for evidence of effectiveness (such as lab tests or data from clinical studies), as well as evidence of consistency (for example, the number of products sold in a certain amount of time). 

  • It's also important to remember that these claims are at the mercy of the manufacturer. If they want to make an exaggerated claim about their product, they can do so. Don't buy products if you don't understand them. 

  • If you're not satisfied with your product and it doesn't live up to its claims, find out why you didn't see results and learn from those mistakes until the next time you buy the product again.

Look at independent studies if there's some reason that you have doubts about your product, especially if an independent study has shown that the new claims are either entirely false or misleading.