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How An Ozone Machine Creates Ozone And Removes Odours?

Ozone can be created in two ways: a silent discharge or ultra-violet radiation. Ultra-violet ozone generation resembles the upper atmosphere of ozone creation and the discharge is similar to the way ozone is created during a lightning storm.

UV generation involves the use of mercury which creates disposal problems after use where the silent method produces more ozone and is a much more efficient process. The silent discharge process consists of a unit with the following parts: gas dryer, dust filter, oxygen, generator, burner crusher and contact unit. You can also get the best ozone cleaning machine via

Dryers and filters purify oxygen and ozone is produced from pure oxygen by an electrical discharge similar to the flash process mentioned above. By separating oxygen and forming individual molecules, individual molecules can attach to oxygen (O2) and make O3. O3 is then released into the room.

Ozone removes organic odors in your car or home. With ozone shock treatment, you can oxidize organic odors such as cigarette smoke. This will help you in selling your car or house. The cleaning process with ozone oxidation does not mask cigarette odors but eliminates them at an atomic level.

Ozone also has the ability to eliminate odors that can be generated by your pets. This even includes the smell of urine. If you have a cat or dog that had a strong urine odor even as a puppy and was very difficult to get rid of, even with highly chemical cleaning products, using an ozone shock treatment is beneficial.

Ozone is an environmentally friendly molecule that oxidizes odors. Ozone is safe when handled by professionals and converted back to oxygen within 30 minutes. This process removes all chemicals. Ozone also has the benefit of killing bacteria, allergens and fungi.