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How To Make Global Changes To Your Inventory Items

This article will focus on global changes to items in your inventory. Global Changes allows you to make changes to multiple inventory items at once. This simplifies a tedious task that could take hours to complete, such as making changes or putting a large number of items on sale.

When managing inventory files, it can be extremely useful and efficient to have the ability to change the cost and price of multiple items at once. You can gather more information about the best inventory management system such as Xero inventory items via

For example, if one of your vendors raises the cost of all items by a percentage or a dollar amount. Global changes can be used to reduce the cost of your inventory items. This would normally be done by a vendor. Global changes can also be used to save time. 

For instance, if you need to change the price, cost, or margin of items that meet a specific set of criteria you have defined.

Global Changes can be used to organize your inventory. Then, you should break down the items by department. When a department contains multiple types of items, User Sort is highly recommended. 

Consider your jewelry department, where you have necklaces and bracelets, watches, rings, earrings, rings, and watches. Let's say that you want all bracelets to go on sale for 30%. 

This will clear out your inventory and allow you to make room for new season styles. Global Changes makes it easy to sell this group of inventory items. If bracelets are set up under the Jewelry department, it is possible to quickly do so.