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How To Select Window Glass Replacement In North Vancouver

A window glass replacement is a window designed to fit the same structure where an old window was previously. As you decide which type of glass works best for you, the R-value and U-factor need to be determined. 

The R-value indicates how well the window is insulated. The value moves upwards of 0.9, with a window well insulating the rating at more than three. For more information about window glass replacement visit

Window Glass Replacement

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On the other hand, the U-factor indicates how well a window retains heat. Therefore, the lower the number the more effective the window is at keeping the window warm. There are three choices of glass. The most popular of these is Low-E (low emission) glass, which uses a special coating that helps to keep heat in or out.

Another glass alternative is heat-absorbing glass that helps keep solar energy and heat out. The third type of window is reflective glass that performs the same function as heat-absorbing glass but using a film that indicates harmful ultraviolet rays.

There are about five basic types of replacement window frames: aluminum frames, wood frames, fiberglass replacement windows, vinyl, and fibers. Aluminum frames are becoming increasingly less popular in recent years because they are energy inefficient and often invite condensation.

Wood frames have a great R-value because wood naturally insulates. Condensation is not a problem, but the degree of maintenance is high — frames require scraping and painting periodically.