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How To Use Wood In BBQ Smokers

Smoking the meat too long is the most frequent mistake novices make. Beginning cooks should start with a tiny amount of wood first, before moving to. There is a belief that you should soak the wood prior to inserting istyle into the container, however it doesn't have much effect. Wood doesn't take in water very efficiently and then quickly evaporates. If you place damp wood on charcoal and it cools off the coals. You need to keep a constant temperature when you smoke meats.Wood Pellet BBQ smokers are very easy to use.

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The taste of the final product will have a different flavor according to the kind of wood you choose to use. The most suitable type of wood is dry , non-green wood. It is important when selecting wood not to pick a type of wood with sap, such as pines or cedar, fir Cyprus, redwood, or spruce.

When you use charcoal BBQ smokers it is possible to throw chips straight into the mix using the charcoal. On gas barbecues, chunks of wood are the most effective. If you're unable to bring the pieces to a simmer, then you can wrap the wood chunks in tin foil before cutting slits across the top. 

Put the foil bag of wood chunks over the top of the coals. The wood should begin to smoke within a couple of minutes. It is important to include the wood early during the grilling process. The cold meat will absorb more of the smoke.

You must be sure to measure what amount of lumber you place into it every time. So you can adjust the amount of wood each time to achieve the desired result.