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Learn More About the EPS Waste Recycling Procedure In Sydney

EPS, which means elongated polystyrene, is an essential material consisting of 98% air and only 2% plastic. One of the lightest materials is often referred to as packaging foam, which is mainly used as packaging for heavy and delicate goods, especially electronics.

The benefits of the EPS substance are many, therefore it is very suitable for use in many products and for various purposes. Some of the advantages are:

Recyclable – It is a reusable material that can be made and reproduced many times in any shape or size. It can be recycled after its intended completion. You can opt for the best eps recycling in Sydney via for hygienic environment.

Lightness and Hardness – Other important features that make it ideal for packaging and construction purposes. Because it is solid, it absorbs shock and relieves shock when transporting goods from one place to another.

Excellent insulation – Due to its unique structure, this material has excellent insulating properties. It is an excellent heat and cold insulator, so it is mainly used to insulate shelves and boxes that store groceries, medicines, and more. It is also used in building insulation panels, providing protection from harsh external weather conditions.

As already mentioned, this is a recyclable material. EPS is actually 100% recyclable! Its production and manufacturing processes do not use much energy or fuel. This is really a great getaway for the natural resources available.