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Security Companies And Their Relationship To Local Law Enforcement

The authority of safety guards and security companies is extremely limited, making it necessary to cooperate with law enforcement. The duties of security officers are for the most part confined to being observable and alert and preventing and reporting crime.

It is not the responsibility of safety officers to approach and prosecute offenders. Security guards hoping to take responsibility for a police officer will put them in unnecessary danger and raise their risk for its security companies and their client's liability. If you are looking for law enforcement CJIS compliant consulting services in New Jersey, you can browse the internet. 


Security business and its safety guards must hand over criminals' confrontation and fear of law enforcement. In many cases, security guards operate in banks, jewelry stores, and other areas where authorities will instantly respond to reports of crime. In other circumstances, security guards operate in shopping centers and residential places where offenses are low like theft and domestic disturbances.

They will respond to fewer crimes when they have resources and time available and more pressing work is not imminent. Oftentimes the authorities will react with great hesitation, as panhandling and loitering are so common in certain towns that it is not possible to be controlled by law enforcement. If the police actually go after every offender, they will not have time and funds for whatever else.

On the very first day that the security company starts service in a new location, local law enforcement must be notified and the security adviser needs to familiarize himself with all the controlling officers. This will ensure better communication in the future and security consultants can receive invaluable information about challenges and risk factors in the specialty. A good relationship will enhance reaction times when police are paying attention to a specific property.

A safety firm should not only focus on providing well trained and professional safety officers. Really good security companies will include local partners like the police department, fire department, and town hall in their safety plan. Clients employing a security firm should ensure that their company understands the importance of relationship-building otherwise they won't be successful in providing services.