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Boxing Training Drills For Performing A Heavy Bag Workout

We've all tried to create a boxing workout routine that works for us, keeps us moving, and motivates us. This is easier said than done. You want something with lots of steps so you don't get complacent or bored.

This heavy bag boxing workout will have you working on your boxing training routine. You can also check for the best boxing training via

Boxing Training

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This boxing workout includes 5 some different rounds, all using a heavy bag:

Round 1

In this round, focus on your basics and throw sharp technical punches. Stay alert and move around the bag. Act like you are in a real boxing match and try to use the best form and the best and strongest techniques you can.

Round 2

Throw at least 4 shots for each combination you throw. Feel free to throw more but never less. This will increase your stamina and get you into the habit of hitting in groups, which is important for heavy bag training.

Rounds 3

Spend this round right next to the bag to practice your inner fighting game. Try to shorten the strokes, but keep them firm and fresh. Boxing training techniques should teach you both offense and defense, and this round will do both. 

These boxing drills will take your game to the next level. If you try to lose weight, you will burn calories. If you want to work on your basics in boxing, you will see a dramatic improvement. 

This heavy bag workout offers a little of everything making it the perfect complement to your boxing training technique.