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Themes To Consider For A Fabulous Hen Party

Themes can add fun and color to any party. This is why some hens choose a theme for their bachelorette party. In the end, a topic of apologizing to the entire group for dressing specifically for the event.

For hens organizers who need ideas, here are some of the most popular hen party themes that many hens parties have chosen for their celebration. Bride to be sash is one of the popular themes for the party. 

bride to be sash

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Feel like a beauty queen for a grand piano themed evening. The theme only requires everyone in the group to wear a satin sash Usually, the person's role is printed on the sashes.

So the future bride and groom, maid, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, etc. can have these titles printed on their sashes. This theme is perfect for those who don't want to wear real costumes for parties.



The disco theme is sure to get everyone excited to kick off the night and dance the night away. Dressing up in a 70s style can be a lot of fun.

All girls should only wear platform shoes, floral dresses, and bell-bottoms and be ready for the night of disco failure. The whole place will also be very colorful as you can of course add colorful psychedelic decorations and disco balls. Good light and sound systems complement the party setting.