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Tips For Business Card Printing Online In Ireland

High-Resolution Logo

Sell yourself right with a high-resolution version of your logo. I've seen companies that appear to cut and paste their logo from a scan and then try to use it on their cards. 

Unfortunately, that will not print well and doesn't make your company look very professional. If you don't have a high-resolution file, consider hiring a graphic designer to recreate it for you or you can even get services for your professional business card printing from

Make Sure You Smile!

If you want to use a photo on your card, I recommend hiring a professional photographer to take it. Selfies are great for Facebook, not so much for your card. Put yourself in the best light with a beautiful photo, that was taken at a high resolution, by someone who knows how to make you look good! 

Check Your Fonts

There are a million "cool" and "funky" fonts out there. In every style, you can imagine. With a business card design, try to keep your fonts very basic which are easier to read. It should complement your logo, but not have a robust stylistic feel to them. 

And make sure your font is large enough for people to understand. Small type always looks better, but depending on your clients you may need to keep it a little more substantial.