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Transition In The Clothing Culture

We can draw a better conclusion as we explore the fundamentals of fashion and style by comparing ancient dressing styles. This will hopefully give us some context and insight into how menswear changes, and, more importantly, how to make mature choices when it comes time to buy clothing and develop our personal style. If you are looking for professional clothing manufacturers in the UK, then you can visit

Men were gradually shedding the Victorian influence as the nineteenth century ended. They wore frock coats, pocket watches and walked with sticks while still wearing frock coats. Although this may seem restrictive and complicated, it was a significant step in the right direction, considering that the Georgian period saw men wear feathers, high heels, and pantyhose.

The great depression hit at the beginning of the third decade. The average man could not afford to be a part of the fashion world, but many enjoyed watching the styles of those who could. The silver screen Hollywood films became a source of hope for working-class men living in this time.

The fashion taste was at its highest during this period, surpassing that of any European country. This was a time when men were proud of the clothes they wore and the image that they project. Men dressed according to certain codes of conduct. 

These new methods of mass production had both positive and negative aspects. Basic clothing was more affordable and easier to find than ever before. However, basic clothing was more affordable and easier to find. Worse, major clothing companies realized they could increase sales by offering new styles every year or every season.