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How to Register a Company in India

Are you a startup and wondering how to register a Company in India? Well, this article will tell you about the foremost procedures that you should consider. There are some official steps a company has to follow. The steps help them to register in the Indian official records.

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MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) set up the registration process online. They did this a few years back. Please keep reading to find below on how to go about these steps:

  • Getting a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Getting Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Filling up an e-form or new user registration
  • Incorporate the business

You need to get yourself registered to run your company without any legal problem. India is a land full of opportunities. No matter which industry your business operates. The chances of getting success are always high. Your business juts needs a kick start. Starting up a new venture in India would fetch you great success.

In the formation of the company, the two main things which are kept in mind are its legal registration and payment of tax. For every company, there are some features.

So here are some silent features of the company which are important to be mentioned and these are that the company is a separate legal entity, it is an organized and incorporate body, limited range of liability, perpetual succession, common seal, right to sure and own property and flexibility of investment.