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Things to Consider When Choosing a Charlotte Primary Care Physician

No matter your age, it is important to take control of your healthcare. The best decision you can make regarding your healthcare is to choose a good Primary Care physician.

Your primary care physician is the one who will make the difference between getting early treatment, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Before you choose your doctor, here are some helpful hints to help you in this process.

Which insurances are in your doctor's network?

Today, insurance is the driving force behind healthcare. Patients complain about not being covered and doctors complain they don't get enough reimbursement. The difference between a $50 copay and a $10 copay can be made by choosing a physician who accepts your insurance.

Is your doctor available during an emergency? Who will take your place if he is unable to attend you right away?

It is important that you consider the doctor's office hours and how he deals with situations after-hours. Although many doctors have an answering service available after hours, it is worth asking what the average response time of his answering service is in an emergency. It is important that you can meet your physician during vacations, emergencies, and after hours.

How did you get there? Is he certified by the board? What is his experience in primary care?

Experience is the most important thing when it comes to doctors. A doctor who has been through it all and can solve problems efficiently is what you want.