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How To Apply Gel Polish At Home?

Gel polish can be dried quickly with an ultraviolet lamp, unlike conventional polish which takes time to dry. This makes the polish shiner than regular polish. You can also apply the polish at your home if you prefer. These are some tips to help you apply gel polish at home.

First, clean and dry the polish. Push the cuticles, and don’t allow them to cover your nails. To create scratches on the nails’ surface, you can also use a buffer. It is important to gently rub the polish. This helps polish stick to nails and gives you a proper manicure. You can also consider buying candy stix gel polish online.

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To prevent cuticles, you should only apply one coat of gel nail polish. Make sure to apply the gel polish to the tip of your nails. The nails can be dried under an ultraviolet lamp for 3 to 5 minutes. After drying them, use soft tissue dipped into the solution to sweep them. Allow them to dry completely.

You want to keep the cuticles clean and ensure that polish is not removed after three or four days. Gel polish can be applied to the cuticles, even if it is covered by a base coat of polish. The cuticles will grow and the polish will be removed. It can ruin your manicure.

Apply the topcoat and seal the nail tip. The coats can also be dried under an ultraviolet lamp for just a few seconds. Also, you will need to sweep the solution-dipped tissue over your nails.