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Serious Injury Leads To Gm Ignition Memory

After a series of accidents occur involving individuals who encourage public motorbike cars, the company issued a withdrawal of more than 1.6 million vehicles. The first withdrawal occurred in February 2014 and included Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn vehicles.

The accident was caused by a damaged ignition switch and produced several serious deaths and injuries. The slightest touch can cause the car to suddenly die while driving on the road as a result of the wrong ignition switch. 

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G.M. Talks to Families With Claims Over Defects - The New York Times

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When a car travels at high speed, suddenly deadly can create a very dangerous situation. The loss of engine power also causes:

  • Brake brake
  • Losing power steering.
  • Deactivate bad air

Between 2003 and 2012, hundreds of deaths occurred as a result of damaged airbags. To make it even worse, GM revealed that they first learned the wrong ignition switch along the way back in 2001, but did nothing to fix the problem, even though it was a fairly easy improvement.

Since the first withdrawal takes place on February 13, 2014, GM has given a total of 17.5 million cars in 2014, all because of the damaged ignition switch. Because of the sensitivity of the key in the ignition, GM has warned the driver to delete everything from their key ring until the problem has been fixed.