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What Is Tinto Wine?

Have you ever gone to a wine store and smelled the new wines, but not been able to put your finger on what the aroma was that you enjoyed so much? Did you know that wines can have varying aromas – some of them even having a unique scent that cannot be found in any other drinks? 

Take a look and learn more about Tinto wine, which is made from red grapes. The name of the wine comes from the fact that it is initially colored by the tartaric acid found in the grape skin. The wines are then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. During this time, the wine's natural aromas and flavors are allowed to develop.

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Tinto wines are often seen as more rustic and complex than other types of wine. They can be enjoyed on their own or paired with food. Some people find their aroma reminiscent of almonds or dates. Regardless of your personal preference, these wines are a great addition to any dinner table.