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Some Techniques Used in Osteopathy in Taunton

Osteopathy is a treatment for pain, injury, and body function that is based on the concept of body mechanics. Manipulating the body can promote better function and sensation. Osteopathy is a manual treatment that works on muscles, joints, ligaments, and tissues to improve body systems such as the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems.

Osteopaths use a number of techniques to treat patients and offer treatments to relieve back pain, neck pain, and other conditions. You can browse this site to consider the best osteopathy therapy to overcome your physical injuries.

Some of the techniques used by osteopaths include the following:

Muscle energy technique

These techniques are often used to help the nervous system adjust "proprioceptive" information, such as information about joint position and muscle tone. These techniques usually involve stretching and relaxing the patient's muscles against the opposing forces applied by the osteopath.

Soft tissue engineering

These techniques can include stretching, squeezing, and grasping the muscles and connective tissue around the spine to help with flexibility and movement. Techniques can focus on moving tissue fluid (swelling) or relaxing tense muscles associated with somatic dysfunction.


Manipulative techniques include pressing the joint rapidly to increase the range of motion and relieve pain. When performed correctly, the joint itself does not extend beyond the anatomical area.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a form of osteopathic medicine that aims to help reduce stress and tension throughout the body, including the head. Subsequent research in osteopathy identified this movement as present in all body tissues. Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel these very subtle rhythmic movements.