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The Real Stuff From Stuff of Paracord

The paracord The term itself comes from a cable used on parachutes in World War II. 550 The term simply means that it has the power abuse of 550 pounds. Give it’s full name 550 paracord or 550 cord. When the soldiers landed on the battlefield they will cut paracord off their parachute and pack it for later use. You can buy the the best paracord from .

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This particular cable will be useful for the soldiers during combat. Whether it is used for rope gear for humvees, help build a shelter or bottom edges of the lower teeth, the cable can be used in ways that are endless.

Commercial: Since paracord started to become popular among the civilian population, there have been many knock-off types of paracord is made. certain types of paracord can be called "commercial 550 paracords".

This 550 special cable is the real deal, and there are only a handful of companies that make it to the government. They made a number of ropes and to the government that is used for a number of things throughout the military.

Commercial 550 cable has a breaking strength equal and the same diameter as well, so you should be careful when buying because there are many fakes out on the market that claims to be the real deal.

The "guts" or inner strands of paracord different in commercial paracord then they were in the original Type III cable. Most commercial paracord will have 7 or 8 strands within each consisting of two strands of his own mind. While the military issued cables native always made with 7 inner strands, each consisting of three strands of his own mind.