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Strategies For Building Your Brand as a Salon Booth Renter

You might consider renting a booth at a salon to reach more customers or advertise your brand. Salon booth rental is one of the most popular salon setups. Stylists are often paid commissions before they become independent contractors.

Their working conditions will change dramatically once they decide that salon booth rental is right for them. It all depends on how prepared they were for this transition and how well equipped they are to handle it. Companies like Signature Salon Pro can give you tips on salon rental space.


These tips will help you to get started if you are thinking about going it alone.

1. Find out What it Means to Rent a Salon Booth

You will be your own boss as a salon booth holder. There won't be any other negotiators to oversee your work. This means that you will have to manage your own inventory, pay your taxes, insure your liability, your health and your disability insurances.

This also means that the salon is not responsible for the clientele. You will have to find them yourself and create your own list.

2. The Salon Booth Rental Salon Rules

Each salon has its own rules and you can review them to determine if they fit your business plan.

3. Rent a Contract

Know the laws in your area before you sign a lease. Ask for a signed booth rental agreement or rental contract. This will detail your responsibilities as well as the landlords. It should include a termination clause and a start/end date.