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The Components Of Personal Resilience

There is a growing body of research and public outreach on the power of personal resilience in dealing with stress and avoiding stress. However, many organizations still want to focus on stress management or wellness programs. 

While this is better than nothing, perhaps they and their co-workers would benefit more from keeping people's personal resilience developing. You can also get information about certified resilience coach certification via the web.

Resilient Workplace

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Sustainability has many definitions from “the ability to recover” to “the ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations without falling apart by actively and positively dealing with stress.

Empowering them will not only help to increase your personal resilience, but it will also help you in many other aspects of your life.


This is the basis for everyone. Not everyone is aware of the purpose and often it is something you can define as life goes on. The stronger your single mind, the more prepared you will be to face and recover from challenges and failures.

Self-management – independence

This component is a bit more pragmatic because it takes into account how well you know and use your strengths and skills and recognize your limits.

Taking care of yourself is also important. Your health, lifestyle, and even your amount of relaxation and sleep will all help your resilience.

For organizations, you can really take advantage of helping your people implement some of the initiatives that will help them increase their personal resilience.