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The Difference Between Indica And Sativa That You Must Understand

Unfortunately, there are a few myths circulating out there in the cannabis world about the difference between Indica and Sativa. 

The most popular of the myths seems to be that all indicas will produce a heavy body high, while all sativas produce uplifting, energetic highs. There is also a myth that indicas have more THC than sativas. Not true.

Indica-Dominant Effects

The most well-known effect of indicas is that they produce a heavy body high. They are famous for promoting a level of sedation known as “couch lock.” You can also find the best Indica dominant strains from various online sources.

Indicas also have a reputation for giving you munchies and relieving physical aches and pains. A lot of people enjoy them at bedtime to help promote sleep

Sativa-Dominant Effects

Sativas, on the other hand, is known for producing a stimulating “head high.” People like to use them to help banish depression, as well as boost focus and creativity. While some use them to help reduce anxiety, other people claim that a Sativa will increase their anxiety. They are famous for producing an overall sense of well-being that is more appropriate for use during the daytime.

Better Ways to Choose a Strain

Now that you know the basic differences between Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant, let’s take a look at better ways to choose a strain. As we mentioned, after decades of crossbreeding, the Indica and Sativa designation doesn’t mean much these days. If you really want to dial in how a strain will make you feel, you need to look beyond Indica vs. Sativa and focus on cannabinoids and terpenes.