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The Benefits of Wearing Shungite

Shungite is fast becoming one of the healing stones we cannot live without. The energy is very strong and the nature of shungite is very beneficial for our body, which is why we are always close to us. Shungite helps balance the chakras, protects from electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and harmonizes the body.

Wearing Shungite, in particular, causes noticeable changes in your energy field by detoxifying the physical and energy systems in your body. You can look for shungite stone for sale online.

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Why Should You Wear Shungite?

To balance your chakras

One of the most powerful effects of wearing shungite is the balance of chakra. Shungite energy evokes thoughts and emotions that force us to explore the beliefs, patterns and life events that cause us pain. It even detoxifies areas associated with different chakras, so it is recommended that you experiment with wearing shungite gradually until you get used to the energy.

For protection against EMF

We are surrounded by technology all day long and our devices emit electric and magnetic fields (EMF) which can have a negative impact on our well-being and feelings. The nature of shungite can harmonize harmful energies to minimize the effect this device has on your energy field.

To detoxify your energy field

One of the lesser known healing properties of shungite is its ability to help you cleanse your energies. By removing and releasing unwanted or negative energy from your system, you can use the Shungite to maintain high energy vibrations.