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Tips For Choosing Solar Panels

Are you thinking about solar energy as a way of reducing your carbon footprint and greening your life? There are many factors to consider when choosing solar panel companies in San Diego for your system.


The cost of a solar panel will depend on its size (in Watts), brand, durability/longevity (or warranty term), and any certifications it has.


For several reasons, a solar panel must last for a long time. The first is that a solar panel with a 10-year warranty should be used in a connected grid system. This would mean that the panel will produce enough electricity to cover its costs within 10 years.

Size and wattage of solar panels

Price will be directly affected by the size of a panel, which is usually measured in watts. Solar panels are generally priced in dollars per watt.

A panel with an output of 200 watts will have a larger physical footprint than one that produces 100 watts.

Type of solar cell

There are three main types of the solar cell.

Mono-crystalline silicon

Produces the smallest and most efficient solar cells and consequently the smallest panels

Polycrystalline (or multi-crystalline) silicon

This cell type is the most efficient, but panels with comparable wattage are more efficient than monocrystalline counterparts.

Silicone amorphous (or thin-film)

This method uses the least silicon and produces the most efficient solar cells. The thin-film system is larger than the others, but it has the advantage that flexible panels can be used on irregular or curved surfaces that aren't suitable for solid panels.

Solar panel suitability

Mono-crystalline and polycrystalline silicon work well in bright cold conditions. Amorphous (thin film) silicon is more efficient at higher temperatures.

For large shaded roofs, we recommend monocrystalline or multifocal panels. Amorphous panels are recommended for partial shade roofs.

A solar panel that is fully shaded will not produce the full rated power of the technology in use.