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What Are The Tips For Pulling The Cable?

Cable pulling equipment is used to pull cables through many bends. This equipment is especially useful for cables that are underground. Cable pullers can be used with copper, aluminum and fiber cables. Learn more about cable pulling tools. 

Cable extraction is an important task. As technology improves and expands, more fiber optic cables and network connections will be required. So, contact us to get the best services in cable extraction.

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There's three types of cable pulling devices:

Pull the grip: This helps the contractor to reduce the chance of being caught during the installation or removal of underground cables.

Support grip: A disposable tool to support the weight of cables used for inclined and vertical travel.

Strain relief device: Bend the cable in turns before installing and then remove any bent or damaged cable.

Pull the cord:

Being an electrician is not complete without pulling the wire. This may seem to be a simple task for you. If you don't take the appropriate actions during the pull it could mean that your wire needs to be replaced. This can result in lost time, patience loss, or even damage from a pull failure.

Types Of Pulling:

Pull the plug:

It is common to run new wires through existing pipes or conduits when installing or rewiring various types of wires such as speaker wires, wires for telephones, and internet cables. 


You will need to use a different cable type in order to install a new cable at the ceiling of a facility like a hospital or cleanroom. The right tool is essential to ensure a smooth cable pulling process. 

Pull a large cable:

New construction projects often require larger cable drawing projects. These cables may be cable bundles, conduits or other complicated materials.