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When And Why To Apply To The Google Grants Program

If you're a non-profit charity with the designation of 501c3, you could be eligible for a Google Grants account for your company. If you are an organization that has been approved by Google and have the Google grants, they will be able to get up to $10,000 per month in Google AdWords advertisements at no cost. 

Google will support organizations with a concept of community service that helps people all over the world with issues like science and technology education and public health in the world environmental protection, youth advocacy in addition to the arts. Google grants managers also offer SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and PPC Services.

Image Source: Google

Your advertisements appear alongside related search terms. The users then click on your ads to get more information about your company. There is an audience of people who are looking for you, instead of needing to locate the people who are looking for you. 

The performance of your site can be monitored to help you determine what keywords are most effective in bringing people to your site or meeting goals you have set in Google Analytics.

If your information has been correctly submitted It does not mean that your company will be considered for the Google Grant program. Google decides on acceptance or rejection into the Google Grant program at its own discretion.