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You can Drive Through Mastectomies?

Since nearly all mastectomies are performed on girls, it is possible to imagine the fear once you hear the diagnosis, "You have breast cancer" But would you think you will be requested to leave the hospital soon following your operation, with no breastfeeding, occasionally drainage tubes inserted along with physician's orders? That's what's happening to women in the US!!!

You're groggy from the anesthesia used during the operation and you're in pain. Best Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist is giving you directions as to what's required to look after yourself that includes new and medications exercises . You mumble"thank you" knowing full well you did not know the majority of the phrases spoken. You're then requested to leave the hospital.

Why is this occurring? Insurance busissnesses. They're pushing for "drive-through" mastectomies as a cost-saving process. Yes not among these might possess an MD on board. And when they do, then you can almost bet this MD didn't go to a patient at the hospital speak with the individual's physicians regarding the patient's illness before, during and following surgery.

Doctors are so worried about their paycheck from such insurance companies that they'll do their bidding, knowing full well prospective litigation can be in the making.

Who would you blame? The insurance provider, most certainly. However, can't the physicians also be held liable? Granted they do not have enough time to be"pen pushers" however they could recommend for high-risk patients and girls who are at high risk when confronting a mastectomy.

It is about time we stop letting the buck to dictate to people how much compassion we reveal and stand up for what's appropriate.