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Your Options for Shared Office Space

Thanks to the Internet, cell phones, and executive suites, serviced offices and the virtual office, working space alternatives we could have never imagined even ten years ago are evolving at an exponential rate. Four of the options are detailed below.

Standard shared office space

Space details: Usually situated within another business's existing office, this type of shared space includes private offices, cubicles and/of workstations. This setup is good for companies and startups that have regular need of a conference room, multiple phone lines require privacy for their employees.

Conveniences: Many shared offices provide services for free for shared amenities, like an open breakroom and/or kitchen, the use of a conference room shared as well as a common reception space. The use of documents printing, copying, and mailing center and shared receptionists can be arranged with a prorated portion of the expense.

Rates vary from $250 to $1,000 per month. Flexible lease terms are generally available to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs as well as small business owners. Rent is usually determined by the amount of space a company requires.

Coworking Communities

Of all the options we're evaluating coworking, though not brand new, are the most modern. Coworking spaces provide an environment that is more relaxing to work in and also fostering community. They are also built on shared values among the participants, such as cooperation and community, sustainability openness, accessibility and sustainability.