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How Waterproofing Company Can Save You A Substantial Amount Of Money

A crawl space or basement that smells musty or has mold can be a sign of serious problems. Leakage and water damage are possible in a basement that has not been sealed properly. 

This type of damage can lead to a variety of issues, from minor problems like smelly clothes or other belongings to major complications like structural issues. 

To assess the extent of damage done and to provide solutions, a waterproofing company like may be hired. Although there are many ways to solve the problem, the only way that will actually fix the problem is the one that addresses the root cause.

Although homeowners have the option to solve the problem themselves, these are often temporary solutions that are not as long-term as the waterproofing company's solution. 

Spray-on sealants and hardening solutions that are injected into visible cracks, then dried, are some examples of temporary fixes. These temporary fixes will likely work for the moment. 

These methods will temporarily stop leaking, but they won't fix the problem long-term. A drainage system outside the basement can be installed to prevent water from entering.

Properly installed drainage systems will drain water from the foundation to other areas on the land. This will prevent it from causing damage. 

If a waterproofing company tries to sell you a sealant rather than a properly installed drainage system, it will only provide temporary help at a high cost. It is best to have the drainage system installed before the house is built.